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We are an open shop, and are here most days 12-6. We are open by appointment, or chance, and we'd be happy to have you visit the shop! These days, an appointment is a really good idea - 518-392-5209 or [email protected]!


If  there is a particular book you are looking for, and you can't make it in for a visit, please feel free to call or e-mail us, or fill out our Off-Line Search form (also see link under 'Navigation'), to take advantage of our convenient and professional search services.


Hope to see you soon!


Our Covid Response ~


We have re-opened the shop to customers! (11/1/20 The Barn is now closed for the season and will be open again in May.)


While the shop will look much the same, there are some changes to how we will all interact and move through the space while you're here.


1. All customers and staff are required to wear masks at all times.


2. We will provide hand-sanitizer that customers are required to use upon entering the store and then again before check-out. (Staff will also be required to use sanitizer often, as well as prior to each check-out.)


3. Customers and staff are also required to observe social distancing rules and keep at least 6 feet between them and others while in the store, and also when parking in the circular driveway and walking up to the shop.

~Since we are a small shop, in order to make this easier, we ask that you contact us beforehand (518-392-5209 or [email protected] ) to schedule your visit, so we can try to limit the numbers of people in the shop at one time.

~ And when you are here, while still happy to answer questions and make recommendations, staff will now do most of our assistance from behind the counter, rather than walking through the shop with you.

~ This also means you might have to pause in your own browsing and move back briefly to let others pass by at a 6-foot distance.

~ And please be aware of where other folks are browsing and wait 'till they finish before moving into the section they are looking through.

4. And if you feel unwell or have been in contact with someone who feels unwell, please schedule your visit for another time - we want to make sure you and our staff and our other customers all stay safe and healthy.


If you have health or other issues that prevent you from following any of these requirements, then please use our Curb-Side pickup. If you call or email ahead, we are happy to find the the books you need, arrange prior payment, and schedule a good time for you to pick up your books out at Black Bridge Road II.

You can also take advantage of our online sales - we have books listed here on our website, as well as an Off-Line Search form, plus a larger selection for sale via AbeBooks and Amazon.


Everyone please continue to take very good care! We are really looking forward to seeing you all soon!


(Updated Nov. 8, 2020, Updated July 5, 2020 to remove "Phase" references. Updated June 8, 2020 with re-opening requirements. Updated 5/31/20 to reflect basic Phase 1 details. Updated 5/18/20 to change 'May 15' to 'May 28, 2020' & to add basic details of re-opening plans. Updated 5/18/20 to change 'May 15' to 'May 28, 2020'. Updated 4/8/20 to change 'April 22' to 'April 29, 2020'. Updated 4/16/20 to change 'April 29' to 'May 15, 2020'. Initially posted ~3/14/20.)

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Sharon S. Lips, Owner

Jennifer Ambrosio, Shop Manager


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